What is the terminal?

Most modern operating systems rely on a GUI for interaction with the user. However, as a budding software engineer/computer scientist/underwater basket weaver etc, you want to be able to control every aspect of your machine. This is where the terminal comes in.

Most modern machines ship with a terminal. If you are using a windows machine, your "terminal" is called the command prompt. On MacOS/Linux, your terminal is called the terminal (reason #343454 why linux > windows).

Why should I use the terminal?

I've read a lot of convincing arguments about why one should learn how to use the terminal efficiently. However, the most poetic (and entertaining) reasons comes from Mr. Rob Muhlestein. Mr. Muhlestein argues that an experienced terminal used is 10x faster than a used who relies solely on their GUI and a mouse. Read his article here and tell me you're not convinced.

I want to learn how to use the terminal! How do I learn?

Excited to switch over? Click on following links corresponding to your operating system to learn how to use your terminal!!

Windows Terminal
MacOS Terminal